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Nowadays, Ride-Sharing companies have been significantly changed the transport industry in Bangladesh. To reach your destination within no time just request a Motorbike, CNG-Auto Rickshaw or Car ride throw some couple of ride-sharing companies. We are going to share here top five Ride-sharing services in Bangladesh.

  1. Uber: In Bangladesh, Uber is one of the most popular ride-sharing companies at the moment. Not only in Bangladesh, but Uber is also available in more than 630+ cities worldwide.With Uber, Requesting Ride is very easy, Just open the app and select the where are you going.
  2. Pathao: Pathao is another popular ride-sharing company in Bangladesh. Currently, they are giving their services in 3 different cities at Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet. Not only transportation they also provide food delivery and logistics services. Select pick up and drop off location, request a ride and get picked up in minutes.
  3. Obhai: Obhai is another Bangladeshi based top ride-hailing Company. Their tagline, “Ride in a minute” basically says it all. This caters to people’s daily transportation needs whether CNG Auto-Rickshaw or Bike, they have all covered. They have a unique service named “Obon” for the female passenger. Where female passengers can ride with a female biker.
  4. Shohoz: Shohoz is another Bangladeshi based top level ridesharing company. Currently, they provide their services at Dhaka city only. They also provide services for food delivery and ticket reservation services for bus, launches, and events.
  5. PiickMe:  PiickMe is another ride-sharing mobile app service at Dhaka city in Bangladesh. Their tagline, “Ride with freedom”.

There are also more than 20+ companies are providing ride-sharing service in Bangladesh. If you think we’ve missed something out, let us know in the comments section below. We will try to include. Happy Riding!

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  1. You’ve misspelled 2 brands.
    1. It’ll be UBER, not UBAR
    2. It’ll be Piickme, not Pickme

    Requesting you to correct it.

    1. Thanks, We’ve updated the Misspelled

    2. Yep, i also agree with this observation!

  2. Hi, really nice article!
    I see you have linked Pathao’s app download link in the name of Pathao.
    They have a really nice new website. Could you please link http://www.pathao.com in the name of Pathao instead of the app download link?
    They also have the app download link in the website. So it would make more sense. Would love to hear back from you!

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