About Location: Nowadays Moinot Ghat has been turned out an amazing tourist spot. It is also known as Mini Cox’s Bazar. Which is situated at Kartikpur, Dhoar, in district Dhaka. The rainy season is the best time to go Moinot Ghat. You will be fascinated to see the wonders of the Padma river. This huge waterway, looking at boats floating in the Padma and walk along the Padma. For a while, you will feel that you are now on the beach in Cox’s Bazar, not in Moinot Ghat, Doha.

View of  Padma River From Moinot Ghat

Attraction: Moinot Ghat(Mini cox’s bazar), Sand of River, Waves, Testing Fresh Hilsa fish, Swimming on River.

How to Go: You can catch a bus from Gulistan in front of (Golap sha mazar ), There are there some buses like Jumuna Poribohon, N Mollik, Druto Poribohon, Nagar Poribohon etc. to go Moinot Ghat. This journey will take around 2-2.30 hours to reach there. You can also go there by CNG from Mohammadpur Bosila and Kodomtoli.

Fish Market on Moinot Ghat

Some other Tourist Spots near Moinot Ghat: If you wish you can visit some ancient place like Jojbari, Ukilbari, Anser Camp, Khelaram DatarBari. These are located at Nababganj near Moinot ghat. Also, there are there some beautiful parks you can visit there like Palace Park and Wondarella Park.

Joj Bari, Nababganj

How Much Cost: From Gulistan to Moinot Ghat bus fare is 90 tk, Lunch would be 100 to 200 tk, speed boat fare 1000 to 1500 tk for 10 to 15 minutes. Small boat fare would be 200 tk 200tk for half an hour, Palace Park and Wondarella Park entry fee is 30 tk. Ukil Bari entry fee is 20 tk.

It would be a nice tour for Dhaka people one day out.

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