Fireworks at sakrain festival

Sakrain festival is the traditional festival at old Dhaka people. This festival is known as Poush Sankranti or Ghuri Utshob(Kite Festival). In every year this festival is celebrated on the last day of Bengali month Poush.

For a few centuries, this festival has been celebrated gleefully at Ganderia, Tatibazar, Laxmibazar, Chawkbazar, Lalbagh, and Sutrapur. It is said that this festival since celebrated from the Mughal period. The traditional practice of Bengali people the feast of PitaPulli(cakes) which is made from the new rice on the last day of the Bengali month Poush is very old.


From the winter’s morning, the festival starts with kite flying and this end up by the fireworks at the night dark. Increased tinge of the festival along with the increasing daytime. The rooftop of every house at Old Dhaka became festive all day long by participating young, old and everyone’s who’s are live in there. On this day, the residents of Dhaka take the preparation from before by make the paper kite and stick yarn’s reel to fly kites. In the afternoon, Playing the game of Kite(Ghuri Kata Kati) on the rooftop of every house is an incredibly frenzy. There are also Baul songs, various type of sound system and Cultural programs. Fireworks and balloons flying game run until midnight.

Games of Kites

In the previous day, yarn reel, different colors kite and cake’s rearing tray were given from clink(father-in-laws house) as a gift. Cake and other foods which are got from the gift. And then these are distributed to near relatives and neighbors. A silent competition happened that how big rearing tray came from the whose father-in-lows house. Nowadays, these wonderful rituals cannot be seen.

This time the Sakrain festival can be celebrated on January 14, 2019.

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