rash mela at dublar char, sundarban

Rash Mela(fair) is one of the biggest fair at Sundarban. Not only Sundorbon it’s the biggest fair in Bangladesh. Every year, Rash Mela is held on the full moon lunar day, at the end of Bengali month Kartik or at the beginning of Bengali month Agrahayana at Dublar Chor, Sundarban. This fair has been celebrated at Dublar Chor for a nearly three hundred years.

Where there is no other thing the roar of the sea and quietness of the forest. The sea became rollicking for three days of Rash Mela. Hindu men and women regard this Mela as a pilgrimage. Lakhs of tourists came here to enjoy the Rash festival.

Different types of handicrafts and cottage industries were also advent in the fair. The Fanush is flown in the evening. The main prayer of the fair begins the first tide of dawn by the holy bath. Before sunrise devotees sat praying to light at Alorkul beach of Dublar Chor. The tide starts at the sea with the sunrise. When the water of the tide touch to the foot of the pilgrims they start the holy bath.

Devotees on Rash Mela

The forest department set some waterway routes for devotees and visitors to go to Rash Mela. No one will be allowed to take any other route other than the permitted one.

The routes are: Dhangmari/Chandpai Station to Dublar Char via Pashur River and the Trikon Island. Bogi Station to Dublar Char via Supati Station and Kochikhali. Sarankhola Station to Dublar Char via Sholarchar. Burigoalini to Dublar Char via the Hangsraj River. Koikhali Station to Dublar Char via Madargang and Dobeki. Arpangasia to Dublar Char via Kaga Dobeki, Koyra to Dublar Char via the Khashitana River and Marjat and Nalian Station to Dublar Char via Marjat.

The department also set some other regulations for the participant of Rash Mela and visitors.


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