Ranu mondal and himesh

Social media has propelled Ranu Mondal to instant stardom. Now she is the super viral women on the Internet life after singing Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma at Ranaghat railway station in West Bengal.

She was born in 1965 at Kartikpara village in Krishnanagar district of West Bengal. Her father’s name was Aditya Kumar Roy who is small businessmen. She loved music from childhood. she used to earn by singing on the way. Sometimes at the bus station, sometimes at the rail station, she would sing to the joy of her heart. Her husband was a Radhuni from Mumbai named Babul Mondal. After her husband’s death, her life became increasingly troublesome. So she returned to Ranaghat from Mumbai alone.

One day Ranu Mondol was singing  Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma by Lata Mangeshkar at Ranaghat railway station. At that time, a man by the name of Atindra Chakraborty was fascinated by his song. He recorded a video by phone and uploaded to social media.

After that, She gets calls from Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangladesh for recording songs. Many people have volunteered to bring her food. She has received many phone calls and even a makeover at a local beauty parlor.

Recently, she has also participated at music reality show at Mumbai based entertainment tv channel. And there, legendary music director Himesh Reshammiya does a promised to sing with him. Recently, Ranu Mondal gets a chance to sing with a Himesh Reshammiya. She has voice recorded a song title by Teri Meri Kahani with Himesh.

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