Formalin free mango

Now the full season of mangoes is going on in Bangladesh. People who do not love to eat mango are very rare. The Bengali people are waiting for the popular type of mangoes like Himasagar, Fazli, Langra or Amrapali in this intense summer. But now harmful formalin is mixed in mango. Which is very harmful to the human body.

Kidney, the liver is affected by eating formalin fruits. At the same time, the risk of disability, even cancer can increase a lot. So do we give up eating mango? Not at all. Find out how to recognize formalin mango. Then you can easily buy formalin free mangoes.

  1. In the naturally ripe mango, you will get sapid on the stalk. But there will be no scent on the formalin mango. So you can smell the scent before buying on the stalk.
  2. The naturally ripe mango contains light green and turmeric. Sometimes this contains light green color. There contain white or black spots on the mango. But the mangoes that are mixed with formalin or other chemicals are very beautiful, shiny to see and completely yellow. There is no blur on the mangoes.
  3. Naturally, ripe mangoes are quite sweet and they are much more creampie. But formalin mangoes sap is very fewer.
  4. Blowfly sited on naturally ripe mangoes. But on the formalin mangoes, blowfly do not sit.

Doctors Say that the eating of formalin mangoes can lead to abdominal pain, throat swelling, and even diarrhea. So it’s very important to be cautious.

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