Abanti Sithi

Nowadays, Abanti Sithi is one of the emerging, favored Bangladeshi singers. Not only in Bangladesh, but her popularity has also spread throughout India. In 2012, she gets popularity performing on NTV’s music related reality show ‘Closeup One is You Looking For Bangladesh’. She had earned the 9th place among the top ten competitors. 

She loves to sing and perform with a unique style. Her full name is Abanti Dev Sithi. She is known as Abanti also. She was born 23 November 1992 in Jamalpur. Her father name is Adit Kumar Dev and Mother name is Deepti Rani Dev. Her height is 5 feet 2 inch. 

She studied at Jamalpur Zilla school, Samsul Haque Degree College and Jahangirnagar University.

Nowadays, Abanti Sithi participates on Indian Reality Shows “Sa re ga ma pa” in 2018 with another Talented performer Nobel from Bangladesh. She has won judges heart by her nice whistle vocal. She loves to sing the song with a little unique style whistling and cup music inspired by Anna Kendrick.

Abanti’s musical journey started from childhood and she won many awards. She stood a position 9th in the biggest reality show of Bangladesh “Closeup One is You Looking For Bangladesh” in 2012. And they gave her an epithet the “Whistle Queen” of Bangladesh. 

She come to the music industry through the inspiration of her mother. He has been very passionate about music since his childhood. Abanti starts singing subconsciously while listening songs from her elder sister. Afterward, she took lessons from Ustad Sushanta Kumar Dev. 

The song “Jol konna” and ”Tomar Jonno” are the most favorite songs in the singing of their songs. Although the single album was not released by her yet, She has given vocal in several mixed albums. 

Not only singing, but Abanti also loves listening to songs. Her favorite singers are Sabina Yasmin, Subir Nandi, Habib Wahid, Runa Laila Kumar Bishwajit and Shahnaz Rahmatullah.

She loves the songs of Bon Jovi, addles, Beatles, Anjan Dutta, Anupam Roy Also.

To see her videos you can follow her Youtube channel  and Facebook Page

image-collected from Abanti Sithi’s facebook profile


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